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Uee and Sung Joon Enjoyed Their Kiss Scenes

BY Julie Jones | Jun 03, 2015 08:38 AM EDT


The producers of the drama previously called "True Romance" may have changed the name to "High Society" but that does not make the story any less romantic.

It's still about one woman's search for true love and the trailer for the drama features several kisses between After School's Uee and actor Sung Joon.

The actors spoke about their kiss scenes at a press conference for the new SBS drama. Not only did they enjoy shooting the kiss scenes but they also got a lot closer after filming one.

They had to film their first kiss scene barely minutes after they were introduced.

"It was 'Hello, I'm Sung Joon' and 'Hello, I'm UEE noona' and then we had a kiss scene," said UEE. "After that we got really close and comfortable. Sung Joon's charm is that he makes his counterpart feel really comfortable. When I make NGs and feel terrible about it, he consoles me, telling me not to worry. He's someone who makes you fall in love with him while acting."

Sung Joon also had something to say about kissing UEE.

"The first teaser we filmed included a kiss scene, and because we got close physically, we got close mentally as well."

He also thought UEE was easy to work with.

"There are actors who can be touchy and almost aggressive when they work, but UEE doesn't act like an actress. She's more like a hyung. She makes it really comfortable. We're even talking informally and we act well together."

Such comments and the stills that show the couple kissing promise great chemistry.

The plot follows Uee's character Jang Yoon Ha as she looks for true romance. Since Yoon Ha is rich she worries that men will want her for her money. She wants someone who will love her for herself. So she pretends to be poor and takes a part-time job in a food market.

She meets two men at the market and they come from very different economic backgrounds. Park Hyung Sik, last seen in "Persevere Goo Hae Ra," plays Yoo Chang Soo, the heir to the mall where she works. He is shocked when Yoon Ha, who he thinks is poor, is not impressed with his wealth. Sung Joon plays the store's manager Choi Joon Gi, a man who worked his way up from poverty. He needs a wealthy wife if he truly wants to advance in the world but he does not really like rich people. Lim Ji Yeon plays her co-worker and best friend at the market.

"High Society" will follow "Heard It Through The Grapevine" on June 8.

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