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Kim Ki Bang Casts in First Lead Role in Movie

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 18, 2013 04:28 PM EDT


Actor Kim Ki Bang cast in movie "Bright Night"

On March 18th, it was reveled that actor Kim Ki Bang has been cast to play the lead male role in movie "Bright Night."

The actor will play the role of a reporter who is sent to cover the Korean War of 1951.

This will be a more matured, and down-to-earth character, which is rare for the actor. He is kwon for playing cute, cheerful, and hopeful roles.

The actor commented, “I am excited and nervous as this is my first time as the leading role in a movie. After reading the scrip, I’ve learned so much about the war of 1951. I will work hard to show you a good movie.”

The movie is directed by Kim Jae Soo, and will be about a mass massacre that happened in the Korea War of 1951.

Director of the movie also commented, “This movie will show a total different side of Kim Ki Bang. Expect a big transformation from him.”

Kim Ki Bang is known for his roles in dramas like “Boy Over Flowers,” “My Name Is Kim Sam-soon,” “A deep-Rooted Tree” and in moves like “White,” “Paradise” and “Speedy Scandal.”

He currently cast for the new MBC drama “The Writing of Nine Houses.”

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