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'My Love Eun Dong' Could Be The Most Romantic Drama Airing Right Now

BY Julie Jones | Jun 09, 2015 01:30 PM EDT


"My Love Eun Dong" might just be the most romantic k-drama currently airing. It's the story of a man who became a star just so he can reconnect with his one true fated love, the woman that life already separated him from twice.

But fate is not going to make it easy for him this time either.

Joo Jin Mo plays the character as an adult. He's a famous actor publishing a ghostwritten autobiography that tells the story of his love Eun Dong. They met when he was a teen and she was a young girl. They had a special connection and he mostly wanted to help her and protect her. Wanting to help her changed his life and turned him from a troublemaker into a serious student. Then they get separated when her grandmother died and Eun Dong was suddenly whisked away for adoption.

They meet again when she is a teen and he is a young man serving in the army. They find each other in an accident similar to the accident that first connected them. Then mysteriously they are separated again.

He can't find her but never meets anyone else again that so inspires his heart. And it is the pain of losing her that makes him a better actor, more able to express his emotions. He becomes a star, which means that he should mean he is easy to find. But she never tries to contact him. Finally, he decides to write a book to attract her attention and his manager finds a ghostwriter who has been living in the U.S.

That ghostwriter, played by Kim Sa Rang, loves his romantic story. She finds herself slipping so seamlessly into the narrative that she sometimes forgets that she is not Eun Dong.

Except that she may very well be Eun Dong. She can't remember much of her life before a certain age and her parents are not forthcoming with any details. The longer she works on the book, the more she sees herself as Eun Dong and a few other people assume that she is.

There's only one problem. Even if she is Joo Jin Mo's lost love, she's married with a child. So the fate that worked so hard to reunite them is a cruel one. It brings them so close but at least initially denies them the love they feel destined to have.

"My Love Eun Dong" is a drama that expresses its sentimental story line with plenty of soft focus slo-mo camera work that further heightens the romantic tension.

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