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Five Times K-Drama Characters Lived In A Romantic Rooftop House

BY Julie Jones | Jun 11, 2015 07:49 AM EDT


In the second episode of the new drama "High Society," the characters played by Uee and Lim Ji Yeon spend some quality time hanging out together outside of Lim Ji Yeon's rooftop apartment. Lim Ji Yeon's character is poor and Uee's character is slumming because she thinks her friend's life is more appealing than her own.

Rootop apartments are a romantic place to live in k-dramas. No matter how humble they are, the skyline glitters around them, offering a million dollar view that even the poorest k-drama characters can enjoy.

Rooftop apartments might traditionally have been considered a place that poor people lived because they could not afford anything better. Getting there does involve climbing a lot of stairs at the end of a  long day. But in some dramas rich kids also live in rooftop apartments because they like the romantic notion of living so high above the city and being able to enjoy the wonderful view.

Here are five dramas that feature rooftop apartments and how the apartment features into the drama.

1.     "High Society"

Uee is only pretending to be poor. She's the daughter of a wealthy but very cold-hearted family. Her best friend and supermarket co-worker, played by Lim Ji Yeon really is poor so she lives in a rooftop apartment. Uee can hardly invite her friend hom so they spend most of their time hanging out at her rooftop apartment.

2.     "Rooftop Prince"

This drama, starring Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min probably spends the most time out of any drama on the roof. It's where Han Ji Min lives and where Park Yoochun and his Joseon-era cohorts are transported when they mysteriously shuffle through time. Her home does not remain a rooftop hovel for long as the princely Park Yoochun transforms it into a very fashionable home.

3.     "The Master's Sun"

Because Gong Hyo Jin was the caretaker in the building she lives in she gets a free apartment on the roof. And because she also sees unwanted ghosts that apartment is filled with religious symbols and garlic to ward them off. It doesn't work. Not only is the view great from her roof but it's the place she eventually meets Seo In Guk and romances So Ji Sub.

4.     "Shut Up Flower Boy Band"

 In this drama Jo Bo Ah plays a girl who was rich but whose family was bankrupt. She moves to a poor neighborhood and a rooftop apartment but it's not all bad because it affords her the opportunity to frequently run into the musician played by Sung Joon.

5.     "Coffee Prince"

In "Coffee Prince" Gong Yoo is the son of a wealthy family who has to prove himself by turning a profit at a not-too-successful coffee shop. He lives in a rooftop apartment that is anything but shabby. It's expensively decorated inside even if it is on a rooftop. The apartment is where he brings Yoon Eun Hye before he realizes that she is not really a boy.

Can you think of any other dramas with rooftop apartments? Let us know.

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