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Gu Hye Sun Directed Her Own Music Video

BY Julie Jones | Jun 12, 2015 11:21 AM EDT


Actress Gu Hye Sun has directed the music video for her instrumental song “After 10 Years 100 Years.” That should come as no surprise to anyone who knows how multi-talented the singer, director, artist, author and writer is.

Gu Hye Sun has shown that she is always prepared to take a risk and try something new. After making a name for herself as an actress, she tried directing. On top of appearing in more than a dozen dramas and two films, the star of “Boys Over Flowers,” “Angel Eyes” and Blood” has directed three full-length films and three short films.

Her new release “After 10 Years 100 Years” is actually a remake of the soundtrack from her 2012 film “Peach Tree,” that she has adapted as a piano track. She composed the song for the film that she directed.

The film, which starred Jo Sung Woo, Ryu Huk Hwan and Nam Sang Mi, premiered a the Busan International Film Festival and was later invited to the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Taiwan’s Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival and the New York Asian Film Festival.

It’s a moody film about conjoined twins who fall in love with the same woman.
So, it’s only natural that “After 10 Years 100 Years” is also a moody music video. The MV looks as if it was purposely shot on a cell phone, but the shaky soft-focus images of Gu Hye Sun and her cat do convey the bittersweet feeling of the instrumental song. She looks sad, lost in thoughts. Wistful phrases appear imposed on her image, suggesting the painful aftermath of a break-up.

The super-imposed phrases shown in the video are “It is painful not to see him any more. Sometimes I have trouble remembering names and faces of people. I didn’t do that on purpose.”

YG Entertainment released the video on its official YouTube channel. The song is the title track of her new age album “Breath 2,” which is a follow up to her 2009 album “Breath.” The album and music video were released on June 12.

Check it out below and let us know what you think of the song and the video.

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