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Five Dramas That Feature Female Law Enforcers

BY Julie Jones | Jun 18, 2015 09:22 AM EDT


K-dramas that feature female cops are getting to be a trend. We've seen a few lately and the latest news is that Kim Hee Ae, last seen in in the noona romance "Secret Love Affair," is about to sign on for a new one. The actress is currently considering a role in the upcoming SBS drama "Mrs. Cop" with co-star Son Ho Joon. She will play a female crime detective in the drama, which is scheduled to follow "High Society."

Here are some of our favorite actresses who pursued justice.

Go Ara

Go Ara played the persistent Eo Soo Sun in "You're All Surrounded." The character took the police academy test seven times to get into the force. But it all paid off because she turned out to be a great detective and got to date Lee Seung Gi's character.

Jo Eun Ji

Her "Falling for Soon Jung" character Na Ok Hyun looked fragile and waifish but she was tough as nails. She had no problem smacking her fellow police offers even if they were twice her size. Nor did she have any problems confronting the worst villains. She was a good friend to the leading female character, played by Kim So Yeon.

Kim Sun Ah

Kim Sun Ah's character in "Masked Investigator" is passionate about capturing criminals but she also manages to look effortlessly chic at the same time, whether she is in uniform or wearing street clothes. Her job is made more complicated by a masked investigator, played by Joo Sang Wook.

So E Hyun

In  "Who Are You?" So E Hyun's character Yang Shi Ohn spent five years in a coma only to wake up and be reassigned to the lost and found department. But she's a crack detective and her newfound ability to see ghosts comes in handy when exploring the crimes associated with many of the lost and found items. She and Ok Taecyeon make an effective crime-fighting team.

Yoon So Yi

On the new police thriller "Hidden Identity," Yoon is a detective prized for her analytic skills. She's a member of the underground team that Park Sung Woong and Kim Bum belong to. She employs her background in psychology to profile criminals and analyze their actions. She also gets to take undercover jobs, which she does in a calm and collected way.

Are you happy to see more female k-drama characters working at such tough and demanding jobs? Which one did you like best?

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