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'Mask' Yoo In Young Sees Yeon Jung Hoon's Ambitions

BY Christine Han | Jun 25, 2015 07:18 PM EDT

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In "Mask" Yoo In Young was seen catching onto Yeon Jung Hoon's evil deeds.  Yeon Jung Hoon had wanted to attack Joo Ji Hoon.

On the episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Mask" (script Choi Ho Chul, director Boo Sung Chul, Nam Gun) broadcast on June 26th, Mi Yeon (played by Yoo In Young) started to get a sense of the scheme of her husband Suk Hoon (played by Yeon Jung Hoon).

Mi Yeon saw her husband Suk Hoon smiling in the most conniving way.  Suk Hoon was smiling because Mi Yeon's brother Min Woo had been suspected of embezzlement and there were pills coming out of the house.

At this, Mi Yeon drank in alcohol and showed her real feelings for him.  Mi Yeon said, "Isn't it weird to think about it now?  You can't even find the actual good embezzled and you're looking for sleeping pills.  Now you're wondering whether you're going to the mental hospital or not."

Afterwards, she said, "Suk Hoon, is there something that makes me look different today?  You don't know?  I thought that there was something that was different" she said.

She also said, "You told me this, right? Your face is slowly getting more and more depressed but I'm the only one not looking.  So I took a better look. Of how your face is changing."

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