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Who Are Your Favorite KDrama Heroines?

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 26, 2013 05:34 PM EDT


All my favorite kdrama characters seem to follow a pattern. The women are smart, strong, not be afraid to defy stereotypes and most importantly,they know better than to spend a lot of time mooning around after the male lead. Seriously, unrequited love, especially when it gets in the way of the rest of your life is just not healthy.

As a result, here are my four favorite heroines in kdrama history:

Kim Sam Soon. Played by Kim Sun Ah, this pastry chef samples her own recipes and is not afraid to walk out of a job or a relationship when she feels unappreciated. She's also confident enough to talk to her rival, scream across a crowded room at the man who dumped her or confront the man she wants. She's loud, she's proud, she's not anorexic and she believes in her own ability to succeed. Although "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon" has been compared to Bridget Jones' Diary, I find her an even more compelling heroine.

Yang Eun Bi of "Flower Boy Ramen Shop," played by Lee Chung Ah, is not afraid to splash a former boyfriend with a water balloon or brain an annoying player with a soccer ball. Told by her father to follow her heart, she has to say what's on her mind, even if it costs her a job. And because she has bear-like strength, she packs a mean wallop. When she knows what he wants, she pursues it, even if it means defying a mega-corporation president with a toilet plunger in her hand.

Kim Yoon Hee. Maybe not as strong but certainly as brave is Kim Yoon Hee, the poor girl who disguises herself as a boy to enter Sungkyunkwan University at a time when women were forbidden to attend. Park Min Young plays the female scholar in the historical fusion drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal." It's not only a death sentence for her to be found out, but it could result in the execution of her whole family. To survive, she must hide her identify and learn to fight like a man.

Geum Jan Di. The first kdrama heroine I ever approved of was Geum Jan Di, played by Ku Hye Sun. Okay, she does spend some time mooning about Ji Hoo, played by Kim Hyun Joong, in "Boys Over Flowers." But she is so plucky and determined, that no matter what things happen to her, you can't help but root for her. Fighting! From the initial episode where she saves a life to the final episode where she dedicates herself to saving lives, she always strives to do the right thing and has no interest in winning popularity contests. Or in becoming an F4 mascot.

Who are your favorite kdrama heroines? Please write and let us know.

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