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"That Winter, The Wind Blows" Jung Eun Ji's Fashion Sense that Expresses the Personality of her Character

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 27, 2013 03:22 AM EDT


The SBS drama "That Winter, The Wind Blows" features an actress and idol girl group member Jung Eun Ji.

In the beginning of her role in the SBS drama "That Winter, The Wind Blows", Jung Eun Ji was critiqued for the awkwardness in fixing her accent. Now however, Jung Eun Ji has become comfortable working with top stars in the drama and is even adding her own personality to the drama. As bubbly as her personality is in "That Winter, The Wind Blows", Jung Eun Ji's fashion sense has been drawing attention with the lively colors she wears.

** Unique Items that Stand Out

In the drama "That Winter, The Wind Blows", Moon Hee Sun (Jung Eun Ji) actively volunteers to help Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) come up with $7.8 million to pay off his debt. Moon Hee Sun has been wearing items that pop to bring out her bubbly personality. For example, she has been wearing multiple earrings and piercings to match her outfits and drew attention for her eye-catching accessories. Depending on the styles of earrings she wore, she seemed to be sporting various different looks from vintage look, sporty look, school-girl look and more.

Moon Hee Sun had been following Oh Soo around for years, trying to win his heart. She eventually falls in love with Park Jin Sung (Kim Beom) who had continuously loved her since day one. Depending on the situation, Jung Eun Ji's outfits explained her emotion. When she had to show her innocent side, Moon Hee Sun wore vivid orange colored earmuffs to bring out her cuteness, while wearing thick, black-framed glasses when she was trying to hide her identity. She also often wears knitted hats and fur hats to soften her look to match her character.

** Fashionable Layered Look vs Sophisticated Patterns Look

To get though the cold winter, Moon Hee Sun sports a multi-layered look to keep warm while looking stylish as well. She often wears a thick padded jacket and a leather vest. Moon Hee Sun matches these outerwear with denim shirts or t-shirts with designs.

Jung Eun Ji wears vivid colors or uniquely patterned clothing to bring out her character's personality.

Jung Eun Ji's sense of fashion in the SBS drama "That Winter, The Wind Blows" plays a crucial role in bringing life to her character. She has been drawing attention for the unique styles she sported throughout the drama and viewers continue to keep a lookout for her next bubbly outfit.

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