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Kim Sun Ah Is The Center Of Controversy For Negative 'Masked Prosecutor' Comments

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jun 28, 2015 08:43 AM EDT


Actress Kim Sun Ah is at the center of controversy, following June 27 Instagram posts which criticized the filming process the KBS2 series, "Masked Prosecutor." In the post, she utilized the photo of buses waiting on a queue line as an analogy for alleged delays which had occurred on the set. While the Instagram comments have since been removed, the contents of the posts have been included in reports by several Korean news outlets. 

My Daily published the critical statements which were made by Kim. "The 'Masked Prosecutor' production team is behind on their shoots!," exclaimed Kim. "If it was just a few times, I would be angry. Now, I just want to laugh." 

Her frustration with the delays became more apparent, as she continued. "Even this early, they are really testing us. I should go to the hospital to get my Kendo injuries treated. I'm too tired to shooting while smiling, especially if things continue this way."

Her claims appeared to be substantiated when a cast member commented on her post, stating that they waited two hours before departing.

The production team defended itself in a report published by Daily Sports, pointing out that the actress arrived on set five hours after her scheduled call time and has demonstrated habitual lateness. "For the shoot that was held that day, Kim Sun Ah arrived at 2 p.m. for scenes that were supposed to begin at 9 a.m.," said a source from the production. "Of course, that was more than five hours later, which delayed into overnight shooting."

The source went on to state that Kim to the set herself because she went to the hospital to receive treatment for injuries which were allegedly sustained while filming "Masked Prosecutor." While she was upset with the delays, the source claimed that more seasoned actors appeared to be unconcerned and that Kim had no reason to complain since she was not even at the filming location. "It was previously reported that Kim Sun Ah was onset, but that was not true." 

According to the report by Daily Sports, the filming delays were caused by a scheduling conflict in which a commercial was being filmed in the same location. Speculation has increased over the incident and the motivation behind comments made by Kim.

"Masked Prosecutor" has struggled with ratings since its May 20 premiere. The series airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, placing it against strong programs like the melodrama "Mask" or the Hong Sisters' romantic comedy, "Warm and Cozy." 

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