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"'Mask' Soo Ae Finds That Joo Ji Hoon's Illness Was False "

BY Christine Han | Jul 01, 2015 10:43 PM EDT

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In "Mask" Soo Ae revealed that Joo Ji Hoon's mental illness was fabricated, which attracted the attention of many.

On the 11th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Mask" broadcast on July 1st, Ji Sook (played by Soo Ae) learned that her husband Min Woo (played by Joo Ji Hoon)'s mental illness was not real.  It was actually fabricate by those who watned to see him locked up in a mental ward.

Meanwhile, "Mask" is a drama bout a woman who hides her own identity to live as someone else.  The male protagonist is one that tries to protect her with all his might as the two, in their romance, find the meaning of life and of love as this is a strong melodrama.

Ji Sook's process to find out about the truth of Min Woo's condition came in several steps.  First, she saw Min Woo and Suk Hoon meeting with his primary physician and felt that there could be an issue with the medication that he was consuming.  This was her gut instinct.  At this, Ji Sook asked several authoritative medical professionals to find out the components of the medication.  With that, she found the secret underlying the fabrication of his condition.

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