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'Mask' Soo Ae Confesses Feelings To Joo Ji Hoon

BY Christine Han | Jul 02, 2015 07:03 PM EDT

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In "Mask" Soo Ae made a sweet confession to Joo Ji Hoon.  In this drama, she plays a woman pretending to be another person's identity.  As the two women had had similar looks, the drama shows the episodes that they go through.

On the SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Mask" broadcast on July 2nd, Ji Sook (played by Soo Ae) had her birthday. At the birthday party, Min Woo (played by Joo Ji Hoon) said to Ji Sook, "You look stunning."  With that, he even sang a birthday song which had surprised the family members.

Min Woo who came into the room gave Ji Sook a plant as a gift.  Soo Ae said, "I didn't know flowers were this pretty" and liked it.  Min Woo kept on asking whether she liked the gift.  Ji Sook confessed, "The greatest gift for me in you, Min Woo."  This confession made Min Woo's heart flutter.

Later, Ji Sook said, "I'm sorry.  My emotions must've gone differently because it's nighttime" and hurried to leave the scene.  Min Woo said to Ji Sook, "What do you mean you're sorry?"   After Ji Sook took a shower, Min Woo gave a ring, which continued a very sweet romance between the two.

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