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Five Fun Facts About Lim Ji Yeon

BY Julie Jones | Jul 07, 2015 09:55 AM EDT


Lim Ji Yeon may be a k-drama rookie but she is winning hearts as the lovable optimistic Lee Ji Yi, the part-timer in love with a chaebol in "High Society."

What are the odds, her character says, of meeting a chaebol in real life? And she not only meets, but manages to charm two of them.

Anyone who has seen Lim Ji Yeon act for more than a few minutes may realize that there is a lot more to her than her sweet ingénue good looks. She's done two provocative films for a start. Here are a few more facts you may not know about this actress.

1.     "High Society" may be her first drama role but Lim Ji Yeon has appeared in a dozen films, most of them short films, and several plays. Her first commercial feature film was the erotic thriller "Obsessed" with Song Seung Hoon. She played the woman his character was prepared to sacrifice his marriage and military career for.

2.     Her role in "Obsessed" required nude scenes but appearing in the film was such a dream come true for her, she did not mind.

"To say I didn't feel any pressure would be a lie. But I had to trust him. I was sure that the film would be good and the nude scenes just one part of the whole. The pressure eased as I got to focus on the whole script and story rather than just the nude scenes," the 23-year-old told the Korean media outlet The Chosun Ilbo.

3.     After that she appeared in the historical and yet also provocative film "The Treacherous," which was released in May 2015. The film tells the story of a tyrant king who exploits his people for his own pleasure. Lim decided on that role because she was a fan of the director's work.

"I could not help but star in 'The Treacherous' because of its strong scenarios and charismatic characters," Lim said in an interview with InStyle Korea. "During the revealing scenes, I had to solely trust the director."

4.     She describes herself as easygoing in real life and says that her "High Society" character is a lot closer to her real personality.

5.     When asked to describe "Obsessed" co-star Song Seung Hoon, said she was a natural.

"Despite the fact that 'Obsessed' is her first movie, Lim Ji Yeon seemed so natural at it; it's as if she knew how to shine already," he told Newsen. "I was surprised at her several times. She's blessed and in a way that she's exactly how a girl her age should be. If you see her anywhere else, she's a baby."

Viewers watching "High Society" might also agree that she shines in her role as Lee Ji Yi.

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