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What’s Worth Watching: Recap April 1 to 5

BY Joan MacDonald | Apr 08, 2013 05:39 PM EDT

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Fitting the latest dramas into your viewing schedule can be a challenge. So, we've teamed up with again to let you know which shows are not only new but notable.

Here are a few must-sees:

"When A Man Loves" also known as "When A Man Falls In Love."

This promising series opened with plenty of breathtaking drama. The story focuses on Han Tae Sang, the mid-level boss of a money lending business. To be a loan shark, he needs to be tough, but he faces an existential crisis when he meets Seo Mi Do, whose future is about to be compromised by her father's debt. In this spirited intelligent girl, he is reminded of his past. As a bright young boy his future was stolen when his mother ran away and left his father with a mountain of debt. Meeting Seo Mi Do changes his life, results in a fatal run-in with his boss and turns him into a successful self-made man. That's who he is when he meets Mi-do again.

"You're The Best Lee Soon Shin"

If you love a story about a likeable girl who makes good, check out "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin," which stars IU from "Dream High" Lee Soon Shin, played by IU, may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but the death of her father forces her to confront reality. Although she is the youngest and least successful sibling of the family, she is likeable and spirited. These qualities attract Shin Joon Ho, played by Jo Jung Suk. He's a talent agent banking on a comely return-on-investment. Both of them get more than they expected when their partnership turns both of their lives around for the better. So far, the show is earning plenty of fans.

"Cruel Palace: War of Flowers"

This historical drama depicts the politics of royal concubines as they fight to win the favor of the king to achieve power. Jo So Yong, played by Kim Hyun Joo, is a concubine set on making her son the king. She seduces the king with her beauty and wit. She forms an alliance with Kim Ja Jeom, played by Jung Sung Mo, and uses King In Jo, played by Lee Deok Hwa, to accomplish her goal. She plots to get rid of the Crown Prince So Hyun, played by Jung Sung Woon. The court intrigue is beautifully acted out on lavish sets and with stunning costumes.


 There have also been several series' finales in the last week. So, if you have not seen the end of these series, it's not too late to find out how they turned out:

You can check out:

"That Winter, The Wind Blows," a tragic but hopeful tale of love and betrayal.

"Queen of Ambition," about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

"Level 7 Civil Servant," about espionage and love.

"Rascal Sons," a story of love, marriage and divorce."

All of these dramas can be seen on Let us know how you like them.

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