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‘High Society’ Ratings Are Higher But ‘Splendid Politics’ Holds First Place

BY Julie Jones | Jul 22, 2015 09:40 AM EDT


At almost the end of its run, "High Society" is still rising in the ratings. On July 21, the drama about the conflict between love and money recorded 9.8 percent in the ratings. It did reach 9.8 percent once before but has been slightly lower for the past few weeks.

But the MBC drama "Splendid Politics," now more than half way through its 50-episode run, held first place with ratings of 11.4 percent.

"High Society" is drawing to its conclusion. The star-crossed couples, played by Uee and Sung Joon, Park Hyung Sik and Lim Ji Yeon, have some serious choices to make. The chaebols, played by Uee and Z:EA's Park Hyung Sik re being pressured by their parents to marry their own kind, but their hearts have already been given to people who grew up poor. Uee's mother, not that happy in her own marriage, and Park Hyung Sik's mom are beginning to see the ill effects that denying true feelings can have on their children.

Will true love win out? Are Uee and Park Hyung Sik's characters prepared to forsake their fortunes for love? And will Uee's brother return supposedly from the dead.

Meanwhile on "Splendid Politics," another brother-sister relationship has taken a dramatic turn. Prince Gwanghae, played beautifully by Cha Seung Won, has left the palace. Cha Seung Won has portrayed the prince as a man tortured by what he felt he had to do for the sake of his country. The actions he took to protect his throne included being complicit in the killing of his half brother and and the exile of his favorite half sister, played as an adult by Lee Yeon Hee. In the last episode, the princess and Kyung Joon, played by Seo Kang Joon, accompanied Gwanghae because he was being exiled. Gwanghae's last thoughts before departed were about the future of his country. The princess promised him that his wishes would be fulfilled.

The real-life prince was exiled first to Ganghwa Island and then later on Jeju Island. History does not remember him favorably.

The third contender for first place is "Remember You," starring Jang Nara and Seo In Guk. This police investigative drama has languished in third place for its entire run. This week the drama only recorded 5.0 percent in the ratings. That is the highest ratings it has had throughout its entire run. The lowest ratings were 4.0.

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