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Five Fun Facts About Park Seo Joon

BY Julie Jones | Jul 23, 2015 10:41 AM EDT


Park Seo Joon was charming as Hwang Jung Eum's adopted twin brother in "Kill Me Heal Me." And he may soon be reunited with Hwang Jung Eum in the drama "She Was Pretty." If they take the roles, this time they will play lovers. He also appears as one of the many actors in the film "Beauty Inside."

What else would you like to know about this rising actor? Here are a few facts.

1. He's very charming and his female leads appreciate that. But the real reason he may get along so well with his female co-stars is that he works hard at creating chemistry.

"I try to be considerate and fit in with the opposing actor as much as possible," he said in a recent interview with Singles magazine. "Even if I have a good idea, instead of using adlibs, I always ask the actors who are in the scene with me before I carry it out, since good acting doesn't just happen when only I perform well. Once we are considerate of each other, we become comfortable enough to tell each other our worries."

2. He was popular in school and says he is good at skinship. When he appeared on the MBC program "Entertainment Relay," he said that he dated as much as possible in school.

"I've been asked out or received confessions from a decent number of people," he said.

As to skinship, he said he was good at it because he tried hard.

"It's not that I have a talent for it, but I try to immerse myself into the situation."

3. Even though he was popular in school, Park described himself as an introvert in an article with Elle magazine

"I am actually really introverted in private, and I practically just keep quiet when I am with my friends."

4. He doesn't care for the dating rumors that link him up with actress Baek Jin Hee and SISTAR's Hyorin. They are just good friends, he says. He and Hyorin met on the set of "I Summon You Gold." He also met Baek Jin Hee on that set. They played a married couple.

5. He says he did not get into acting for the money. In his interview with Singles magazine, he said that it is enough reward that he gets to show fans his best performances.

"Fortunately, there are more opportunities than before. It was incredibly difficult to get some work in the past but now I'm able to find work with more ease."

Given the success of his past performances, he will have many more roles ahead of him,

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