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Jun Ji Hyun's Film Sets Some Records

BY Julie Jones | Jul 27, 2015 10:51 AM EDT


Jun Ji Hyun's latest film 'The Assassination" is setting some records at the box office.

According to the American entertainment publication Variety, the film achieved the highest scoring opening this year by a Korean film. "The Assassination" earned $3.07 million on its July 22 opening.

Over the July 24 to 26 weekend it added a further $16.8 million from 2.44 million admissions. After five days it earned $22.83 million and advance ticket sales predict a strong second week.

Choi Dong Hoon directed "The Assassination." Choi's previous film, "The Thieves" also did well in the theaters and, according to the Korean media publication Hankyoreh, became the fourth highest grossing film in Korean history.

In "The Assassination" Jun Ji Hyun plays An Ok Hyun, a sniper so skilled, that the Korean independence army breaks her out of jail so she can take down a Japanese army commander. The film is set in in Shanghai and Seoul during the 1930s when Korea was a colony of Japan.

Her appearance in the film is a big draw, as she became very popular after she appeared Choi's last film "The Thieves," the film "Berlin File," and the drama "You Who Came From The Stars." She co-starred with actor Kim Soo Hyun in both "The Thieves" and "You Who Came From The Stars."

Jun's film career had its ups and downs before she appeared in "The Thieves." She had a hit in the comedy "My Sassy Girl" but then appeared in a string of films that were considered box office failures. The Uninvited" (2003), "Daisy" (2006), "A Man Who Was Superman" (2007) to "Blood: The Last Vampire" (2009) all did poorly at the box office.

Her appearance in "Thieves" helped revive her career. So, when Choi Dong Hoon asked her to be in "Assassination," she agreed before reading the script.

"I had not a tinge of worry about the decision," she told the Korean media outlet Yonhap News Agency. "When I filmed 'The Thieves,' I worked in perfect harmony with the director, even in terms of what I like, dislike and don't know what to do. So, I often felt great joy about my acting career, thanks to the bonds of sympathy."

The actress also said that confidence was the most important part of acting and working with Choi Gong Hoon gave her confidence. It worked out well for both of them.

"The Assassination" also stars Ha Jung Woo and Lee Jung Jae.

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