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Actress Kim Jung Hwa Has Marriage Plans

BY Joan MacDonald | Apr 17, 2013 12:13 PM EDT


Actress Kim Jung Hwa has found the person she wants to spend her life with. She has announced that this fall she will marry Christian music composer turned missionary Yoo Eun Sung.

Kim's management agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment, recently issued a press release stating that the actress, who is 30, will tie the knot with Yoo, who is 36.

Although both families have met, the date and place of the wedding has not been set.

The couple met while serving as honorary ambassadors for Korea Food for the Hungry International.

They grew closer when Yoo Eun Sung composed the song, "Hello Agnes" for her. The song has the same title as the book, "Hello Agnes," which Kim wrote. The book details her experiences in providing support for a Ugandan child named Agnes. Kim also wrote the lyrics to accompany Yoo's musical composition.

The couple obviously has a lot in common and now they have a daughter in common.

"Their relationship seems all the more precious as they met through their daughter, Agnes, who has brought a miracle to Jung Hwa's life, and through sharing," said S.A.L.T. Entertainment in their press release.

S.A.L.T. Entertainment Agency sent the couple wishes for a happy marriage and asked her fans to do the same.

"We hope you send many blessings and love to Kim Jung Hwa′s new start with her partner, as they walk not alone, but together for the rest of their lives," said their press release.

The actress debuted in the Lee Seung Hwan music video "You and You." She has appeared in dramas and films, most recently as Seol Ji in "King Gwanggeto" and as Kim Joo Hee in "Ugly Cake."

When she appeared in the drama "Nonstop," rumors linked her with her costar Jo In Sung but she denied those rumors.

"There was no connection between myself and Jo In Sung," said Kim. "We only knew each other because we were drama actors. Jo In Sung and I were never that close."

The actress did date musical actor Lee Seung Hyun for five years. They met when they worked in a musical together and developed a relationship. Because Lee majored in vocal music, he taught Kim how to sing and later they grew closer when they participated in volunteer work together, also for the same international aid program.

It is not certain when the relationship between Kim and Lee ended but Kim and Yoo have dated for eight months now.

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