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"D-Day' Is Almost Here And Promises High Decibel Drama

BY Julie Jones | Jul 30, 2015 03:08 PM EDT


“D-Day” is almost here and fortunately it’s a drama and not the real thing. The drama about a disaster that almost cripples Korea has released two teaser trailers. So, the D stands for disaster and some high-decibel drama.

D-Day focuses on the members of a disaster medical assistance team who rescue and treat victims during the chaos that follows an earthquake. The drama will star Kim Young Kwang, last seen in "Plus Nine Boys" and "Pinocchio," as cancer surgeon Lee Hae Song. He’s a good surgeon but he really wants to work in emergency care and the earthquake gives him a chance to take on a citywide emergency. The city's usual relief systems prove to be inadequate for the disaster so workers and emergency doctors must improvise to deliver aid to the injured.

Lee was never the kind of doctor who liked to follow rules so this is a perfect opportunity for him to think outside the box. He always found it hard to function in a hospital that was governed by many rules and regulations, but delivering aid in a disaster-ravaged city is just what the doctor ordered. And fortunately, he is not alone. His team will include medical personnel played by Ha Suk Jin, Jung Jo Min, and Kim Jung Hwa.

Ha Suk Jin plays Dr. Han Woo Jin, Lee's surgery supervisor at the hospital. Dr. Han is good at rules and regulations, so he might have to learn how to break some. Ha was last seen in the drama "Legendary Witches" and before that played Son Ye Jin's husband in "Shark.

Jung So Min, who last played Daniel Choi's younger sister in the drama "Big Man,” plays orthopedic surgeon Jung Dol Mi. She can also be seen in the film "Twenty" with Kim Woo Bin.

Kim Jung Hwa, who was last seen in "Dating Agency Cyrano," plays Eun So Yul, a psychologist who specializes in trauma treatment. Lee Kyung Young, who recently appeared in "Misaeng," will play the hospital director. And Infinite's Lee Sung Yeol, last seen in "High School Love On," has signed on for a supporting role.

"D-Day" was originally scheduled to air in August but is now scheduled to air late in September after the final episode of the drama "Last."
The teasers are short but dramatic. Check it out and let us know if you will tune into this disaster drama.

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