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"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Shim Yi Young Touched by Choi Won Young's Innocence

BY Staff Reporter | Apr 22, 2013 01:24 AM EDT


"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Shin Yi Young feels touched by Choi Won Young.

April 21, the 32nd episode of the MBC weekend drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" featured Ma Hong Joo (Shim Yi Young) being touched by her husband Kim Chul Gyu (Choi Won Young), who she has been very discontent with.

Ma Hong Joo had become suspicious of Kim Chul Gyu's relationship with Min Chae Won and began to investigate on her own. When Min Chae Won stops Kim Chul Gyu from committing suicide, Ma Hong Joo calls the police to report adultery. Kim Chul Kyu lies and says that he committed adultery with Min Chae Won in the hopes of getting a divorce.

Later however, Ma Hong Joo discovers that it is all false and becomes moved by Kim Chul Kyu's innocent love. Ma Hong Joo says, "I don't think I can let you go after you made me become so touched today."

The next day, Kim Chul Kyu becomes surprised when he sees Ma Hong Joo sleeping next to him. Ma Hong Joo apologizes for calling the police. Kim Chul Kyu however, begs her to go back to her mother's place.

Ma Hong Joo says, "I noticed yesterday how innocent you are. I like it" and revealed that she has no interest in divorce. Kim Chul Kyu replies, "Did I give you my innocence? Why are you touched?"

Ma Hong Joo states that she thought he was just a mama's boy but she realized that he is actually a very trustworthy person. She also tells him that Min Chae Won is never coming back and that he should get his mind straight. 

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