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Jo Yoon Hee Plays A Girl A Gangster Could Love

BY Julie Jones | Aug 06, 2015 02:59 PM EDT


Actress Jo Yoon Hee has joined the cast of the comedy film "Key Of Life." That means all four leading roles have been filled.

The film is a remake of a Japanese film of the same name, directed by Kenji Uchida. In the original film, an unsuccessful actor switches identity with a killer and after some frightening and hilarious situations, it eventually works out for the best. Former MBLAQ member Lee Joon, last seen in "Heard It Through The Grapevine" and "Gap Dong," will play the failed actor-turned-gangster. Yoo Hae Jin, who appeared in "Tazza: The Hidden Card," will play the killer.

Jo Yoon Hee will play the woman that the amnesiac gangster meets and falls in love with.

Lim Ji Yeon, last seen in the film "Obsessed" and the drama "High Society," has also signed on for a role in the film. She will play an actress who knows Lee Joon's character and keeps the secret of the switched identity.

In the Japanese version of the film the main actor character feels like such a failure that he decides to kill himself. Only he decides to go to a sauna first. At the sauna he meets a man who falls and hurts himself and as a result loses his memory. The actor sees a chance to start anew. For the chance to briefly live ccomfortably, he steals the man's identity. Imagine his surprise when he discovers he is impersonating a killer and that he must deal with dangerous gangsters. The gangster thinks he is a failed actor and is miserable. Fortunately order is eventually restored. The actor, having had the experience of living in another man's shoes, becomes a better actor and finally achieves success.

That was the plot of the original film and so far it sounds like the k-movie plot will follow it closely.

Jo Yoon Hee is best known for her roles in the dramas "My Husband Got A Family" and "Nine: Nine Time Travels." Last year she starred in the film "The Con Artists" with Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Woo Bin. This year she can be seen in the film "The Joseon Magician," starring Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara.

"Key Of Life" begins shooting in August.

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