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"Dad Where Are You Going?" Lee Jong Hyuk Jealous "My Son is More Popular Than I Am"

BY Staff Reporter | Apr 28, 2013 09:57 PM EDT


"Dad Where Are You Going?" Actor Lee Jong Hyuk expressed his thoughts about the popularity of his son after deciding to appear on an MBC TV show together.

Recently, actor Lee Jong Hyuk was interviewed for the SBS TV show "Good Morning" regarding he and his son's appearance on an MBC TV show called "Dad Where Are You Going?"

When Lee Jong Hyuk was asked about who is more popular between him and his son, Lee Jong Hyuk answered, "Joon Soo is more popular than I am" and "Are you asking on purpose?" jokingly. Kim Ji Young stated, "I think Joon Soo is making his dad more famous."

Regarding the hard moments he experienced during his experience working as an actor, Lee Jong Hyuk stated that it kind of disappointed him when his wife was too cool about a lot of things. Lee Jong Hyuk commented, "It's usual for men to not talk about stressful things to their wives, right? When I was complaining to my wife one time and she told me to stop crying about it."

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