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Yoo Ah In's New Film Invited To Toronto International Film Festival

BY Julie Jones | Aug 12, 2015 10:32 AM EDT


When Ryu Seung Wan, the director of the film "Veteran," first learned that actor Yoo Ah In had accepted a leading role in his film, he was excited. Then he started worrying.

Yoo Ah In never played a villain before.

"When I received the answer from Yoo Ah In that he agreed to take on this role - as I expected, since the script is so good - I still felt shock," Ryu told the Korean media outlet Newsen. "The first thing that I did after hearing his decision was to scream 'Yahoo!'"

But then the director behind such previous hit films as "The Berlin File," began to worry. He worried about transforming what seemed like an innocent young man into a ruthless villain. Could it be done?

Ryu need not have worried.

"Yoo Ah In pulled off his first 'bad' role very well," said Ryu.

In the action film "Veteran," Yoo plays the chillingly charming villain. He's a third generation chaebol at a mega-corporation and he is so insulated, he is untouchable. He is sure there are no problems that money won't make go away. And that is bad because he is selfish and violent.

Hwang Jung Min plays veteran detective Seo Do Cheol. Seo investigates the arrogant young millionaire. But no matter how often he catches him committing crimes, he can't seem to pin any on him.

Yo Ah In's chaebol role is a far cry from his previous role as the sensitive piano prodigy in love with an older woman in "Secret Love Affair."

The Korean media outlet Joongang Daily inerviewed him about the role and said the actor's smile "never looked so vicious."

"I agree that my face isn't really the face of a villain," said Yoo. "But I thought the common denominator between Jo and me was the innocence. I thought, instead of wearing all frowns and keeping my chin high, wearing a smile and doing bad things would leave a stronger impression."

The casting choice worked as the film surpassed two million in ticket sales in just four days. On its August 5 debut the film earned 100 percent attendance in 19 out of 21 among Korea's major cinemas.

The film has been invited to the Vanguard Section of the 40th Toronto International Film Festival. The director's previous works have also been invited to international film festivals. The 40th Toronto International Film Festival takes place from Sept. 10 to 20.

Yoo Ah In is also set to appear in the film "Happy Facebook."

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