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Sulli Receives Her First Film Offer After Commiting To Acting

BY Julie Jones | Aug 13, 2015 12:41 PM EDT


Choi Jin Ri, better known as Sulli, has been offered her first film role since leaving the girl group f(x). If she takes the role in the upcoming movie, "Rose, She's My Mother," it won't be her first film role, just the first role she takes after deciding to focus on acting rather than singing.

Sulli, who debuted as a child actress in the SBS drama "Ballad of Seodong," joined f(x) in 2009. Since then she has appeared in several films, including "The Pirates" and "Fashion King," and a few dramas, including "To The Beautiful You."

The role she is considering in "Rose, She's My Mother," is that of the younger version of the title character. The film portrays the romantic history of a woman named Rose. Song Yoon Ah has received an offer to play Rose at an older age.

Sulli officially announced her departure from the group f(x) in the first week of August 2015. Her agency, SM Entertainment, said they would continue to support her even though she was no longer an f(x) member.

"We will actively support the activities of not just f(x) but also Sulli."

The news of her leaving the group did not come as a complete surprise.

The singer-actress has not been active with the group since July 2014 when rumors about a relationship between her and Dynamic Duo's Choiza began circulating on the Internet. In August 2014, both stars' agencies confirmed that the two were indeed dating, but netizens had already made some unflattering and upsetting comments.

Sulli was so upset that she decided to take a break from performing. The announcement that she would take a break was made in the middle of promotions for the f(x) release, "Red Light" and did not specify the length of her absence.

Her withdrawal from public life also affected promotions for the Joseon-era film "The Pirates" that she starred in with Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil.

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