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'Eccentric Daughter-in-Law' Offers Family-Style Fun

BY Julie Jones | Aug 18, 2015 10:50 AM EDT


The first episode of "Eccentric Daughter-in-Law" started off in third place on August 17. But although the initial episode only rated 6 percent of the viewers, it promises to be fun to watch.

The 12-episode drama ranked behind "Mrs. Cop," which reached first place with 10.8 percent of the ratings, and "Hwajung" aka "Splendid Politics," which rated 9.6 percent of the viewers. But "Eccentric Daughter-in-Law" started ahead of the recently ended "I Remember You." That drama's finale earned only 4.7 percent.

Like "Producer," "My Eccentric Daughter-in-Law'is a drama about variety shows and it might help to have seen a few variety shows or at least understand the affection they inspire in Korean viewers.

Sistar's Kim Da Som stars in "My Eccentric Daughter-in-Law" and so far she shines as Oh In Young, a second-rate singer, who winds up on a variety show. Her character is crude, rude, washed up and desperate for a comeback. So, she agrees to appear on a variety show in which she pretend-marries into a traditional family. She is the worst imaginable daughter-in-law for such a conservative family, but the TV program is hoping the supposedly spontaneous casting will create the kind of conflicts that make for entertaining TV. The drama both illustrates the workings of such scripted variety shows and mocks them.

And there are plenty of conflicts between Oh In Young and her pretend mother-in-law, played by Go Doo Sim. On an early encounter with mother-in-law, Oh In Young does a sexy dance that horrifies her pretend family-in-law. The drama's synopsis suggests that Oh In Young will go on to really marry the professor son of that family, played by Ryoo Soo Young. Naturally her mother-in-law will not be pleased. It's bad enough to deal with such a crude daughter-in-law on a variety show. But to have to deal with her in real life? That's too much to ask.

However, they must ultimately come to terms with each other and find a way to live together. And that's what real family is all about.

Moon Seon Hee and Yoo Nam Kyung wrote the screeplay for the drama. Lee Suk Gun and Park Man Yung directed it.

Kim Da Som previously appeared in "Melody of Love" and "Shut Up Family." She has also appeared on several real variety shows, including "Running Man" and "Law of the Jungle." She has a lead role in the 2015 film "Like a French Movie."

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