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'Six Flying Dragons' Releases A Tease Of A Trailer

BY Julie Jones | Aug 25, 2015 03:01 PM EDT


There’s a new teaser trailer out for the upcoming Yoo Ah In drama “Six Flying Dragons.” In this drama Yoo Ah In plays Prince Lee Bang Won, who became King Taejong, the third king in the Joseon Dynasty.

The prince helped his father found the Joseon dynasty but then had to fight his brother princes to secure the throne. Once he had the throne, he worried he would lose it and wanted to maintain complete authority.

The drama also stars Shin Se Kyung, last seen in “The Girl Who Sees Smells," Gong Seung Yeon of “Heard It Through The Grapevine,” and Kim Myung Min, who appeared in “A New Leaf” and “The King of Dramas.” Shin Se Kyung plays Boon Yi, the woman that Lee Bang Won loves. Gong Seung Yeon plays her rival for his affections.

Kim Myung Min plays Jung Do Jeon, the prince's political rival. He was a man who hoped for a more democratic nation. Jung Do Jeon wanted a country ruled by ministers, while the prince wanted absolute power. That put them at dangerous and potentially deadly odds.

Byun Yo Han of the “Ex-Girlfriends Club” and “Misaeng” Jung Yoo Mi, plays Ddang Sae, a warrior who guards Jung Do Jeon. He and the man he protects are in love with the same woman, played by Jung Yu Mi, who was last seen in the historical drama "Maids."

Yoon Gyun Sang,” who played Lee Jong Suk’s brother in “Pinocchio” and Ha Ji Won’s ex in “The Time I Didn’t Love You,” plays Moo Hyul, Yoo Ah In's bodyguard.
Lee Cho Hee, who played Kim So Hyun's classmate in "Who Are You - School 2015" plays a Joseon era singer.

Writers Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon previously wrote the successful saeguk "Tree With Deep Roots." Director Shin Kyung Soo also worked on "Tree With Deep Roots." Shin Se Kyung also appeared in "Tree With Deep Roots” and worked with the writers in ‘Queen Seonduk.” “Six Flying Dragons” is a prequel to that one, as it features some of the same characters at a younger age.

“Six Flying Dragons replaces the Monday-Tuesday drama “Mrs. Cop.”

The story of Prince Lee Bang Won is hardly a new one but it still has enough intrigue and romance for a drama retelling. Take a look at the trailer and tell us what you think.

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