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"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Cha Hwa Yeon Approves of Lee Jung Jin and Eugene's Relationship

BY Staff Reporter | May 13, 2013 07:22 PM EDT


"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Cha Hwa Yeon finally decides to approve of Lee Jung Jin and Eugene's relationship.

May 12, the 38th episode of the MBC weekend drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" featured Baek Sul Joo (Cha Hwa Yeon) finally deciding to approve of Lee Se Yoon (Lee Jung Jin) and Min Chae Won's (Eugene) relationship.

Baek Sul Joo had constantly believed that Min Chae Won was not good enough for her son Lee Se Yoon, especially since she had previously been married once before. From the beginning, both Lee Se Yoon and Min Chae Won knew that they will have to work hard to get Baek Sul Joo's approval. It was a long journey but Baek Sul Joo was finally beginning to open up after getting to know Min Chae Won more.

Baek Sul Joo and her husband call Lee Se Yoon and say, "Your father tells me that he wants to be supportive of your relationship" and "I give up completely. You won."

Lee Se Yoon's father says, "Bring her here. Let's have dinner together." Lee Se Yoon smiles brightly and says, "I'll make sure to not disappoint you, mom. She's a really great woman." Baek Sul Joo replies, "Okay. I'll believe you this once."

Lee Se Yoon tells the good news to Min Chae Won and she says, "Don't' lie. There is no way, is there?" and finds it hard to believe. When Lee Se Yoon insists that it is really happening, Min Chae Won says, "I am not dreaming, right? This isn't a dream, right?"

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