A Pink's Jung Eun Ji Returns To The Small Screen In Cheerleading Drama

A Pink
Jung Eun Ji
Cheer Up

A Pink's Jung Eun Ji is practicing her cheerleading skills. The 22-year-old singer-actress is brushing up on those skills for a role in an upcoming KBS drama about cheerleaders.

The drama, which has alternately been called "Cheer Up," "Sassy, Go, Go," and "Cheeky Go Go," is the story of a high school sophomore known as Kang Yeon Du. Kang has a lot of things going for her. Her winning personality makes her popular among her fellow students. Her cheerleading skills have made her leader of the team.

But the rest of her school career is not going so well. She attends an elite school where the average student is smart and industrious. The school is also very competitive, urging students to place a priority on getting the best scores. As a result, Kang Yeon Du feels like a failure.

Like many students Kang aims to succeed in a system that does not fit her or always make sense.

Although the drama's title seems upbeat, it will ask some serious questions. Are academic grades and test scores really that important? Are they more important than friendship? Should you do anything you can to achieve them?

Jung Eun Ji's last drama role was playing Choi Choon Hee, a trot singer in the 2014 drama "Trot Lovers." That year she also performed the song "It's You" for the
"Three Days" soundtrack and the song rose to number one on various music charts. Besides singing with A Pink and appearing in such dramas as "Trot Lovers," "That Winter The Wind Blows" and "Reply 1997," Jung Eun Ji also has a musical theater career. She has appeared in several musicals, including a Korean adaptation of "Legally Blonde" and a stage version of the drama "Full House."

Kim Yoo Jung was originally considering the role of Kang Do Yeon but could not make it fit into her schedule.

The drama's director Lee Eun Jin asked Jung Eun Ji if she would like the role. He also directed "Trot Lovers," so they have worked together before. Besides those two dramas, Lee directed three films, including "Waiting for Love."

Writer Yoon Soo Jung wrote the screenplay for "Fugitive of Joseon" and a TV film, "Little Girl Detective Park Hae Sol."

The cheerleading drama will be 12 episodes long. It is set to premiere in September, following the end of "Virtual Bride," which is also 12 episodes long.

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