Joo Won Takes On Challenging New Role

Joo Won
Green Scalpel

Joo Won has taken on the kind of role that usually wins actors awards. In the  new KBS medical drama, "Green Scalpel," he will play Park Shi On, a pediatric surgical resident. Park is known for being a genius, but he is also autistic and thus has problems relating to people.

People with some types of autism can function at a very high level, but because they have a hard time reading facial expressions, social interactions are a challenge. In this drama, Park is said to have the social skills of a 10-year-old. His character survived a violent home environment but was lucky to get specialized education in a place that recognized his genius. The school's director became his guardian and helps him become a doctor.

Most of the drama takes place at a hospital where Park is a resident. Joo Sang Wook of "Special Affairs Team TEN" will play a rival doctor at the hospital and the search continues for the female leading actress.

Ki Min Soo, who worked on "Ojakyo Brothers" will direct. Park Jae Bum, who wrote three seasons of "God's Quiz"is the writer.

This will be Joo Won's fifth drama. He had a small role as Gu Majun in "Bread, Love and Dreams" and worked with director Ki Min So previously in "Ojakyo Brothers," playing the part of Hwang Tae Hee. He first became popular after starring in "King of Baking," but really hit his stride with the series "Bridal Mask."

In "Bridal Mask," he played the role of Lee Kang To, an officer in the police force while Korea was occupied by Japan. At first Lee Kang To is only concerned with his own advancement, but eventually he realizes that he must take on the role of "Bridal Mask" and encourage the resistance movement as they fight the invaders. After that role Joo Won tried his hand at comedy in as an intelligence officer trainee in "Level 7 Civil Servant."

Joo Won earned a best new actor award for his work in "Ojakyo Brothers" and several awards for his work in "Bridal Mask," including Most Popular Actor in TV.

The new role in "Green Scalpel" seems like a good opportunity to earn more awards.

"Joo Won believes that 'Green Scalpel' is a good chance for him to show the full range of his skills," said Shim Jung Woon, head of Sim Entertainment. "I know he will do well because he gives his best in any role that is given to him."

"Green Scalpel" will follow "Shark" in August.

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