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"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Eugene Begs Lee Jung Jin's Mother to Reconsider their Marriage

BY Staff Reporter | May 28, 2013 07:08 PM EDT


"A Hundred Year's Inheritance" Eugene begins to cry while begging Lee Jung Jin's mother to reconsider.

May 26, the 42nd episode of the MBC weekend drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" featured Min Chae Won (Eugene) being asked by Lee Se Yoon's (Lee Jung Jin) mother to break off their engagement.

Previously, Eugene's mother had found a diary of one of the nuns at the orphanage she stayed with Baek Sul Joo (Cha Hwa Yeon), Lee Se Yoon's mother when they were young. The writings in the diary revealed that Lee Se Yoon is actually Choon Hee's (Jeon In Hwa) son.

Baek Sul Joo begs Choon Hee on her knees to keep the secret but she does not forgive her and says that she is going to take her son back.

Soon after, Baek Sul Joo meets with Min Chae Won and tells her to break up with her son. Baek Sul Joo was about to give up on her greed and accept Min Chae Won as her daughter-in-law but everything had started to go wrong. Min Chae Won is shocked and begs Baek Sul Joo to tell her what she has done wrong.

Baek Sul Joo only tells Min Chae Won, "You have done nothing wrong" and tells her that she will eventually find out.

Baek Sul Joo leaves after telling Min Chae Won to keep the meeting a secret. Min Chae Won hurries after her to hold her back. Min Chae Won begins to cry, telling Baek Sul Joo that she can't break up with Lee Se Yoon. Regardless, Baek Sul Joo tells her, "You and his problems have left my hands. There is nothing I can do."

Later in the episode, Min Chae Won makes soup for Baek Sul Joo while she is sick, lying in her bed. Min Chae Won tells her that she will not be able to break up with Lee Se Yoon.

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