"When a Man Falls in Love" Yeon Woo Jin on Bed Scene with Shin Se Kyung "I Felt Sorry"

When A Man Falls In Love
When A Man Loves
Yeon Woo Jin
Shin Se Kyung

"When a Man Falls in Love" Actor Yeon Woo Jin expresses his thoughts on filming the bed scene with actress Shin Se Kyung.

May 30, the production crew of the MBC drama "When a Man Falls in Love" released a video of an interview with Yeon Woo Jin. Actor Yeon Woo Jin is currently portraying the role of Lee Jae Hee in the drama.

In the interview, Yeon Woo Jin spoke about the bed scene with Shin Se Kyung.

Yeon Woo Jin states, "In an important scene like that, I should have shown more respect and understanding towards the female actress but I couldn't. Shin Se Kyung asked, 'Was it okay?' and did a better job of taking care of me so I was embarrassed and felt sorry."

Also, Yeon Woo Jin reveals, "At the moment, I went with what my emotions were telling me but when I saw the scene on TV, I was shocked because it was a bit more provocative than I had thought. I received a lot of hatred from Shin Se Kyung's male fans."

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