'Cheeky A Go Go' Confirms Its Cast

Jung Eun Ji
Lee Won Geun
Ji Soo
Chae Soo Bin

The new cheerleading drama "Cheeky A Go Go" aka "Cheer Up" has confirmed its cast. That's good news because the cheerleading drama is set to follow "The Virtual Bride" on October 5.

The cast now includes A Pink's Jung Eun Ji and Lee Won Geun in the leading roles. Jung Eun Ji, last seen in "Trot Lovers," plays popular cheerleader Kang Yeon Du. She's skilled enough at cheerleading to be the captain of her team and she's so likable she is very popular. But at her prestigious boarding school, academics are the most important thing and her test scores are not the best. So, despite her cheerleading and social success, she feels like a failure.

Lee Won Geun, who appeared in "Hyde, Jekyll and Me' and "Secret Door," plays Kim Yeol, a smart and popular student.

At first these two characters don't seem to have the same priorities or values in life but that does not mean they won't be attracted to each other.

VIXX's N will play Ha Dong Jae, a genius student with a quirky personality. Ha Dong Jae may possibly provide the third member of the love triangle in this drama.

Ji Soo, who acted as Kim Hee Sun's protector in "Angry Mom," will play a student with a painful and mysterious past. Despite his past trauma, he is doing very well in school.

Chae Soo Bin, who played Kim Jae Joong's sister in "Spy," plays Kwon Su Ah. Kwon's mom has carefully planned out her daughter's life and doesn't allow her to have much freedom. Kwon Su Ah needs an extracurricular activity on her school resume so she joins the cheerleading club. She discovers she is good at cheerleading. Will her mom approve? Will she have to drop out?

Much of the action in this drama centers on the cheerleading club that Jung Eun Ji's character leads. And despite the songs and cheerleading routines that this drama promises, it will also ask some serious questions.

Are academics everything? Is a person worth less because they cannot perform well on tests? Is there more than one kind of intelligence?

The drama will be followed by "Oh My God," which stars So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah.

"Cheeky A Go Go's" cast promises a fun drama. Will you tune in?

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