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'Scholar Who Walks The Night' Concludes With An Ambiguous Ending

BY Adrienne Stanley | Sep 10, 2015 01:19 PM EDT


MBC's supernatural period drama, "Scholar Who Walks the Night" concluded its 20-episode run on September 10. The series finale featured thrilling action sequences and several romantic moments. However, screenwriters for the program with an open-ended conclusion that could be interpreted as either a dream sequence or the reunion of two lovers in the afterlife.

Episode 20 of "Scholar Who Walks the Night" kicked off the black robe squad, who convened under the leadership of Kim Seung Yeol (Lee Joon Gi) and deposed King Lee Yoon (TVXQ's Changmin). 

Jo Sang Yun (Lee Yoo Bi), donned the disguise of a man, in order to join the opposition force against Gwi (Lee Soo Hyuk). 

Gwi continued to plunge deeper into a maniacal rage, systematically creating an army of vampires from the palace guards and nobility. Seung Yeol and Lee Yoon attempted to lead the opposition troops into the palace but were faced by a seemingly endless force of undead fighters. 

Audiences who would like to avoid spoilers should avoid reading the following sentences.

The climax of the episode placed Lee Yoon in the compromising position of attempting to defend Sang Yun against the vampire army while Gwi battled Seung Yeol. However, Lee Yoon was able to aid Sang Yun, helping her reach the side of Seung Yeol.

At this point, the fate of the night scholar and his beloved book saleswoman became vague. Sang Yun was once again used as a weapon against Gwi, with her blood serving as a booster for Seung Yeol. It appeared as though Lee Yoon removed her dead body from the cave where the vampires held their showdown. 

After removing Sang Yun, Lee Yoon destroys the vampire lair underneath the palace, purportedly killing both Gwi and Seung Yeol. Lee Yoon is later returns to the freedom fighters and it is inferred that he is accompanied by Sang Yun, who appears to be healthy. Subsequent scenes depict the King as he is restored to his former status but is a solitary ruler who yearns for the departed Queen (Kim So Eun). 

The final scenes of the series depict Sang Yun, in a beautiful ornate hanbok. She wanders through a village and teaches local children how to recognize Hangul. However, it is not clearly defined as to whether is alive, dreaming or experiencing a peaceful afterlife. 

The conclusion becomes even more ambiguous when she is reunited with Seung Yeol, who tenderly embraces her. 

What are your thoughts on the ending of "Scholar Who Walks the Night?" Do you think Seung Yeol and Sang Yun received a happy conclusion to their romance? 


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