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'Assembly' The Bae Dahl Soo Law Goes Through

BY Christine Han | Sep 18, 2015 01:03 AM EDT

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In "Assembly" Jung Jae Yeon allowed for the delivery methods to go through.  Afterwards, he withdrew from the position of congressman.  Song Yoon Ha followed him and became a person that sincerely engages in politics.

On the final episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "Assembly" (script Jung Hyun Min, director, despite the disruption of enemies, Jin Sang Pil (played by Jung Jae Young worked his hardest to put through the Bae Dahl Soo law.

Before this, Jin Sang Pil's Bae Dahl Soo law had gone through a lot of difficulty.  It had gotten passed in congress but Park Choon Sup (played by Park Young Kyu) had raised to the president that this law would be rejected.  At this, Jin Sang Pil said in a press conference to the hospital. "This law does not ruin the economy. It's one to really revive the economy to help the people."  With that, he begged that this not be rejected.  Nonetheless, the president ended up putting his veto powers into play.  In the end, Jin Sang Pil's law was at risk of being toilet paper if two thirds of Congress didn't agree.

As Jin San Pil put together an emergency press conference, it will be interesting to see how this will contribute to a change of events.

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