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Six K-Drama Actors Who Felt Awkward About Filming Bed Scenes

BY Julie Jones | Sep 18, 2015 08:52 AM EDT


Filming a bed scene with a gorgeous actor might sound glamorous but it can be awkward both while and after you film it.

Although these actors are capable of creating great chemistry during such scenes, it was not always easy for them.

1.     Park Si Yeon, who appears in the film "Last Knights," did not find it easy to film a bed scene with Noh Min Woo when they played lovers in "The Greatest Marriage." During the drama press conference she revealed that they shot a bed scene on the second day of filming.

"Even though it was sexy and showed skin, it was too boring and awkward because Noh Min Woo and I had just met. We had to re-film the scene."

But there is a reason bed scenes might be shot while the actors are still strangers.

"When we re-shot the scene for the second time, we already knew each other better, and because of this, even when we didn't show any skin, we were more comfortable and the scene ended up being more risqué than intended," said Park. "After the scene, the director told us that they are going to cut the part."

2. It's not just actresses that are made uncomfortably by bed scenes. Actor Kim Moo Yeol, last seen in "My Beautiful Bride" had a tough time filming the love scene in the movie "A Muse." He played a professor in love with a 17-year-old girl, played by "Cheese in the Trap" star Kim Go Eun. Kim Moo Yeol found the scene difficult because of the subject matter but also because he was newly married.

3.     Marriage plays a part in Cha Seung Won's decision never to do bed scenes.

"The fact that I'm married affects my decision as well, but I just feel uncomfortable," said the star of "Splendid Politics."

4. Lee Sun Kyun, who starred in "Miss Korea" and can be seen in the film "Love Is A Virus" also expressed his discomfort.

"I am uncomfortable with bed scenes after getting married," said Lee. "It's different. It's a little awkward so I have to try harder to concentrate."

4.     Sometimes it's not a spouse that makes an actor feel awkward about doing bed scenes. It can be the fact that an actor's parents witness the scene.

Lee Dong Wook, who will soon star in the drama "Bubble Gum," had a bed scene in the 2008 melodrama "La Dolce Vita" It was not awkward to film the scene with Oh Yeon Su, but watching it at home with his parents was rough.

"My mother abruptly called her friend and actually left the house," said Lee.

5.     Jung So Min's parents would not speak to her after they saw her scene in the 2012 comedy "Can We Marry?" That was harder than actually filming it.

"Regarding) the frank dialogue, and the bed and kiss scenes, I did feel a little awkward," said Jung, who can soon be seen in the drama "D-Day." "But as we set up to actually shoot them it became fine. However, when I was watching the broadcast at home with my parents, I felt  embarrassed. As it went on, they just grew increasingly silent."

At least it was fun to film.

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