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'Yong Pal' Jo Hyun Jae, Will He Die?

BY Christine Han | Sep 19, 2015 01:39 AM EDT

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In "Yong Pal" Jo Hyun Jae was hit by a car.

On the 14th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Yong Pal" broadcast on September 17th, Han Do Joon (played by Jo Hyun Jae) was released.

On this day, Han Do Joon heard the words of the prosecutor saying that he could return home. Nonetheless, no one came to take Han Do Joon.  After calling President Ko (played by Jang Kwang), Han Do Joon heard from President Ko about the death of President Ko.  With that, he was in despair.

Seeing all of this was none other than Lee Chae Young (played by Chae Jung Ahn).  Han Do Joon said that someone had come to take him, responding to Lee Chae Young's call.  Nonetheless, seeing that there were others watching him, he apologized for not being able to keep Lee Chae Young's side.
Han Do Joon then wanted to cross the street to where Lee Chae Young was.  Nonethleess, Lee Chae Young said, "No, I'll go to you this time" and comforted him.

At that moment, a black care came and hit Han Do Joon.  Han Do Joon was put on a hospital with the words Hanshin Hospital.  Lee Chae Young was in horror seeing this.

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