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'Yong Pal' Kim Tae Hee With Charisma

BY Christine Han | Sep 19, 2015 01:41 AM EDT

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In "Yong Pal" Kim Tae Hee is showing a very different side of her.

"Yong Pal" is about the story of a talented surgeon.  He adopts the name of Yong Pal to provide his skills for those in need but then finds himself dealing with criminal and corrupt plutocrats in this politically infused drama.

Here, on the 14th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "Yong Pal" broadcast on September 17th, Yeo Jin (played by Kim Tae Hee) worked as a representative of Hanshin Group.

In the hallway of Yeo Jin's house, there were many relevant presidents that were making a fuss.  With that, she too stood in line and waited for her turn.

On this day, President Han said to Yeo Jin, "It's not that I did this but this is all things that Presidnet Ko (played by Jang Kwang) made me do.  With that, he shook.  Nonetheless, Yeo Jin said, "Then again, the dead has nothing to say.  Maybe I shut him up too quickly" and mentioned that perhaps President Ko had been dead.

Afterwards, he said, "President Han, you are talking too much.  Just take care of your identity" he said in the coldest way.  With that, President Han said, "Save me, president and knelt."

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