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Yeo Jin Goo Is The Latest Actor To Approve Of Noona Romances

BY Julie Jones | Sep 21, 2015 01:59 PM EDT


Yeo Jin Goo, who recently appeared in the drama "Orange Marmalade" and the film "The Long Way Home," will soon be dating. The 19-year-old appeared on the September 20 episode of MBC's "Section TV" and said that he wanted to date when he turned 20.

"Three months left," he said. "Noonas, that's not too long."

The host asked him whether he would date an older woman and Yeo confessed that for him age was just a number. Up to 10 years older was okay.

"Even more is fine. I honestly don't care about age," he said.

Noona romances, in which the woman is older than the man, are more frequent in k-dramas these days and are also more common in real life marriages in Korea. More young actors seem to be fine with the idea of dating someone older.

When Song Joong Ki had a role in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal," he was asked how open he would be to dating an older woman. He did not have any experience dating an older woman but he was open to it, saying that dating an older woman would help him to feel comfortable and secure.

Yoo Ah In was also asked about the subject since he appeared in the 2014 drama "Secret Love Affair," about a young piano prodigy and his affair with his much older teacher.  He said he was comfortable with the idea and refused to say how much older was acceptable.

"It's all right as long as she does not use a cane," he said.

Kim Woo Bin, 26, recently made headlines with it was announced that he was dating actress Shin Min Ah, 32.  Earlier, when he appeared on a Guerilla Date segment on the KBS program "Entertainment Weekly," he said that age would not be a barrier to love.

 "Everyone has different charms depending on the person, but if I had to choose one thing, my ideal type is a person who looks pretty when she smiles."

When asked if would be okay if woman was 50, he said, "Does age matter?"

Some noona romances have become happy marriages. Jung Suk Won is an actor who was comfortable dating and eventually marrying an older woman. The "Mr. Back" star is married to singer Baek Ji Young, who is 11 years his senior.

She was afraid their age difference would cause a scandal but it did not concern him and eventually his confidence won her over.

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