Erin Andrews Opens Up On Her Relationship With Hockey Player Jarret Stoll


Love is in the air for Erin Andrews, 37 year old Fox Sports reporter. She is currently happy with her relationship with Jarret Stoll. Earlier this week, she opened up about her relationship with the 33 year old, hockey player. The two were seen several times in public events and yet they wanted to hide as much as they can but Andrews broke out about her relationship, reported ABC News.

She also admitted that all happiness is due to her magnificent relationship with her boyfriend Jarret Stoll. She has moved with her boyfriend only a year ago and also had the privilege to watch Jarret during his winning times or the Stanley Cup in June, said US Magazine.

Andrews commented about her fabulous relationship. "Although it has been quite stressful due to the playoffs yet the kings haven't made it easy on their loved ones," reported Fox news. They took an off for the last 2 weeks in order to enjoy.

When asked about her future engagements that whether it is Stoll or not but she is ready to be a wife and a mom. She believed that she she's one of those women who think it is possible to have it all. reported US Magazine. Andrews also stated that nobody knows what is in there for tomorrow. All her friends from college and high school already have kids and she still not engaged.

Jarret Stoll had got arrested earlier in April for drug possession which had led to their relationship hitting a rough patch. After the said incident, the 33-year-old NHL player had a plea deal and came up with a hockey program for at-risk kids as his community service. Andrews said that she was ignoring all the scrutiny she is getting with the Stoll's case and focussing on what she wanted, said International Business Times.

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