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'The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law' Concludes On A Happy Note

BY Adrienne Stanley | Sep 23, 2015 05:17 PM EDT


The KBS2 series, "The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law" joyously concluded on September 22. Oh In Young (Sistar's Dasom) came to the rescue of her on-screen in-laws, joining Choon Ja (Go Du Shim) for the traditional cooking contest.

Her dedication to her fictitous family drew criticism from fans of the pop star. However, her circumstances led to a sweet reunion with Cha Myeong Seok (Ryu Soo Young).

While it appeared as though the couple were destined to remain apart, they were reunited during the final scene. Myeong Seok returned to Korea, after two years of teaching abroad. He was surprised to discover that In Young was a student, attending his guest lecture. This led to a confession from both parties, putting an end to their separation.

The finale of "The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law" provided resolution for viewers who were frustrated with the on-going conflict between the mother-in-laws and the women who captured the hearts of their sons.

The drama initially carried what could be considered as an anti-feminist agenda before providing the perspectives of the three young women who were considered daughter-in-laws. At its turning point, the series captured the frustrations experienced by many women, as they attempt to follow the rules and standards set forth by their mother-in-law.

Choon Ja capitulated to accept the relationship between In Young and her professor son, Myeong Seok. Cha Young A (Son Eun Seo) and Kim Se Mi (Kim Yun Seo) resolved their mother-in-law issues.

The family drama focused on In Young, a washed-up K-pop star whose last ditch effort involved her participation in "Experience Of A Daughter-In-Law From The Eldest Son's Family," a variety show focused on a traditional household. The initial premise involved pairing In Young with Choon Ja, a strict matriarch whose primary income was derived from the sale of traditional Korean food.

Choon Ja and In Young experienced friction due to their personality differences, but their conflicts were resolved as In Young fell in love Myeong Seok (Ryu Soo Young), the eldest son.

"The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law" will be followed by "Cheer Up," the cheerleading teen drama, which premieres on October 5.

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