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Yunho's Fans Help Feed The Hungry

BY Julie Jones | Sep 24, 2015 01:17 PM EDT


The fact that U-Know Yunho is serving his military duty has not kept his fans from donating rice on his behalf. The singer, who is half of the duo TVXQ, joined the army in 2015 and is not expected to return to civilian life until 2017.

Meanwhile, his fans continue to donate rice to the needy, a tradition that his fan clubs have followed for the past few years. According to the Korean media outlet Joongang Daily, fan clubs from China, Japan and Malaysia recently raised funds to celebrate the broadcast of the singer-actor's web drama "I Order You," which aired in July. They raised enough money to buy almost 36 tons of rice. By September 24, almost 10 tons of that rice, had been distributed to low-income children and senior citizens in the city of Gwangju, Yunho's hometown. The Gwangju Community Chest of Korea distributed the rice, which was estimated to be worth $24,000.

The Joongang Daily quoted one of the singer-actor's fans anonymously.

"Yunho's particular love for his hometown, Gwangju, is well known among his fans."

As a result, the singer-actor's fans have offered scholarships to students attending Yunho's former high school and they have volunteered at some of the city's charities.

It's certainly not the first rice donation made by Yunho's fans. On September 3, Korea Food For the Hungry International revealed that Yunho's international fans had donated 24 tons of rice to various Korean charities. According to the publication enewsworld, the rice was sent to show support for Yunho's first historical drama "The Night Watchman's Journal." Fans from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Peru and Qatar took part in the fundraiser.

Some of that rice wound up in Gwangju, but it was also distributed to the poor, elderly and handicapped in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Gangwon and Busan.

Yunho visited Ghana on the charity TV show "Road For Hope" as an honorary ambassador of Korea Food for the Hungry International. And while he was there, he helped found a school in a poverty-stricken area. The singer and his fans donated money to build the Yunho Education Center, a school that can accommodate about 200 students.

Yunho, whose real name is Jung Yun Ho, has appeared in several dramas and films. His dramas include "Poseidon" and "King of Ambition." He recently had a cameo appearance in the hit film "Ode To My Father."

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