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Love And Marriage Explored In "Goddess of Marriage"

BY Joan MacDonald | Jul 02, 2013 11:06 AM EDT


What exactly is love? And how is marriage different from the way you imagined it would be? The 32-episode romantic family comedy “Goddess of Marriage” explores how romantic ideals of love and marriage may differ from the day-to-day reality of choosing a mate and then living him.
The new SBS drama focuses on four women who are at different places in their love lives and have different ideas about the meaning and importance of marriage.
There’s Song Ji Hye, played by Nam Sang Mi. She’s a radio program writer who dreams of finding a soul mate but cannot decide between two men, architect Kim Hyun Woo, played by Lee Sang Woo, and prosecutor Kang Tae Wook, played by Kim Ji Hoon. Then there is Hong Hye Jung, played by Lee Tae Ran. She is a mother of two who no longer works as a television announcer. She is married to Kang Tae Wook’s older brother and must keep up the façade of being the dutiful Cheongdamgung daughter-in-law. The third woman is Song Ji Sun, played by Jo Min Soo. She is Song Ji Hye’s older sister. She has three children and bullies her husband. Finally, Jang Young Nam plays Kwon Eun Hee, a wife and mom who finds out her husband is unfaithful. Each of the women must decide what love and marriage means to them.
Everyone in the cast has lots of drama credits. Nam Sang Mi appeared in the dramas “Life is Beautiful” and “Light and Shadows,” and won an award for her work in “Time Between Dog and Wolf.” Kim Ji Hoon was the flower boy next door in “Flower Boys Next Door” and appeared in “Secret Investigation Record” and “Stars Falling From The Sky.” Lee Sang Woo appeared in “Horse Doctor” and “A Thousand Promises.”
Lee Tae Ran was seen in “A Wife’s Credentials” and “Comrades.” Kim Jung Tae, who plays her onscreen husband appeared in “The King of Dramas,” “Dream High 2,” “Bad Guy” and “Miss Ripley.” Jo Min Soo was in “My Daughter The Flower” and “Will It Snow For Christmas.” Kwon Hae Hyo, who plays her husband, appeared in the dramas “The King of Dramas,” “Dream High 2,” “Phantom” and “Lie to Me.”
Jang Young Nam appeared in “Jang Ok Jung” and “Level 7 Civil Servant.” Jang Hyun Sung, who plays her cheating husband, was in “The King of Dramas,” “Phantom” and “Big.”
Oh Jin Seok will direct. Jo Jung Sun is the writer. The drama airs in the weekend time slot previously taken by “Birth Secret.”

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