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Jo In Sung And CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa Were Targeted By Obsessed Fans

BY Adrienne Stanley | Sep 30, 2015 10:34 AM EDT


Actor Jo In Sung and CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa are dealing with the negative effects of Hallyu stardom.

Both celebrities have become targets of obsessed fans or saesangs, a term that is used within Korean entertainment and media to describe individuals who use often extreme methods like stalking to gain the attention of their favorite stars.

On September 30, the Korean outlet YTN published an article that examined a recent incident where a Chinese fan trespassed onto property owned by Jo In Sung. The obsessive individual was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with his family members, who were home at the time of the incident. 

"Seoul Songpa Police station has arrested a 31-year-old Chinese national [referred to as] A, for breaking and entering," said the report released by YTN. 

The article went on to describe the extreme nature of the alleged crime, particularly noting the time of entry and the circumstances that followed. 

"A is accused of breaking into Jo In Sung's house in Bangi-dong, Seoul," said the reporter for YTN. "A was arrested after causing a scene, screaming for Jo In Sung to come out. 

A subsequent report published by Hankooki described the terrifying details of the alleged altercation involving the Chinese citizen and family members of Jo, when they opened the door to request that the person depart from the premises. 

"A went inside when the door opened and resisted when the family asked that they leave," said the writer for Hankooki. "A was arrested when police were dispatched to the site." 

Hankooki provided a statement from the individual, who was purportedly a supporter of the actor. 

"Two years ago, I became a fan of Jo In Sung," said the unnamed Chinese citizen, during the police interrogation. "When the door opened, I went inside. I was bruised when Jo In Sung's family pulled my arm, asking me to leave." 

News regarding the Jo In Sung incident was followed by reports that CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa had grown tired to stalker fans who repeatedly visited his home.

On September 30, the CNBLUE frontman compassionately expressed his frustration with stalker fans, through a message posted on his Twitter account (@jyheffect).

Xports News covered the story through an article which described his message and the circumstances which led up to his plea for peace at home. 

"I'm hesitant to post something like this," said Jung, in his Twitter post. "I understand your love for me and I'm grateful. But I wish you wouldn't come to my house." 

The pop star, model and actor then explained the motivation for his message. While obsessed fans are likely a common occurrence in his daily life, his parents were dismayed to experience the effects of stalkers as they were visiting their son for Chuseok.

"My parents were so shocked when they came to visit for Chuseok," said Jung. "This is my first time writing something like this." 

Stalker fans are a common occurrence in Korean entertainment and often plague Hollywood celebrities. In May 2015, rapper Chris Brown experienced one of the most severe instances of stalking when he arrived home to a naked fan, who had also allegedly vandalized his car. 

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramastars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTV Iggy and other publications. When she is not listening to "We Like 2 Party," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy). 

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