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'Speed' Focuses On Four Young Men And Features A Noona Romance

BY Julie Jones | Sep 30, 2015 11:42 AM EDT


A new film "Speed" focuses on the challenges faced by four twenty-something young men. And it features a noona romance between lovers who are decades apart.

Speed" stars Baek Sung Hyun, Seo Jun Young, Byun Joo Suk, Choi Tae Hwan and veteran actress Lee Sang Ah.

The four young men featured in the film face a variety of challenges.

Baek Sung Hyun, last seen in the dramas "Splendid Politics" and as the young Joo Jin Mo "My Beloved Eun Dong," plays Ma Goo Rim. Ma is a singer whose career suffered because of a drug scandal. He has no idea what to do next and has become despondent.

Seo Jun Young, who appeared in "Super Daddy Yeol," plays Lee Choo Won, an athlete. His problem is that he can't forget his first love. He has to figure out how to let go.

Byun Joon Suk, who appeared in the 2014 film "Mot," plays Sung Dae Sung, a sex addict who wants to be a movie director.

Choi Tae Hwan, who had roles in "The Scholar Who Walks The Night, " "My Secret Hotel" and "Secret Love Affair," plays a medical student who also has leukemia.

The friends are there for each other as they try to figure out life, but that doesn't necessarily mean they always agree on their friends' choices.

Lee Sang Ah plays Mi Ja. According to an article in the Korean media outlet Newsen, Mi Ja falls in love with someone young enough to be her son. None of his friends can understand what he sees in her.  But their love is determined to survive all obstacles.

Lee Sang Ah, 43 has been acting since 1985 when she appeared in a film by famous director Im Kwon Taek. She became one of the most popular teen stars of the 80s. This year she can also be seen in the film "Starbuck's Café."

Im Hyung Joon plays a teacher in "Speed."

The film was originally scheduled to be released during the summer but will now premiere on October 15. It is the first commercial film shot by director Lee Sang Woo.

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