Fans Learn More About Kim Jae Won's Non-Celebrity Wife

Kim Jae Won

When Kim Jae Won recently married he was careful to keep his new wife out of the spotlight. She did not show up at the pre-wedding press conference and no wedding pictures of her were released to the public. But since then some information has surfaced about the woman who was lucky enough to marry the talented actor.

Fans already knew that she was a childhood friend and that the two met again recently and discovered they had a lot in common. Friendship quickly turned into something more serious and before they knew it they were planning a wedding.

"I became sure I could live with her very happily whatever circumstances life presented us with," said Kim Jae Won at the pre-wedding press conference. But he would divulge almost nothing about his non-celebrity wife.

But recently two facts became public about his new wife. First, it was learned that she is the daughter of the representative of a well-known and successful advertising agency.

Second, she has her own career. His wife works in the management of a leading modeling agency although it is not known which agency. Nor is it known whether she will continue working after their child is born this winter. She is currently in her third month of pregnancy.

Kim, who starred in the drama "May Queen" and now appears in "Scandal," has said that he is thrilled that he and his wife are having a baby.

"Getting married and raising a family with the love you received from your parents is a sure way to happiness," he said. "I feel like I'm starting over. The experiences that I had up to this point have helped shape my personality and made me think it was okay to start a family."

Although he admitted that he was surprised at how quickly his thoughts turned to marriage and starting a family, he had no doubt that it was the right thing to do.

"My wife is my best friend and without even trying we always seem to think in a similar way," he said. "I need someone to rely on and I hope my wife will be just that."

The couple's honeymoon was postponed due to Kim's shooting schedule for the drama "Scandal." In "Scandal," he plays Ha Eun Joong, a police detective that was kidnapped as a child. In the course of his detective work, Ha Eun Joong uncovers secrets that have the potential to ruin lives.

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