Oct 29, 2015 | 13:26 PM EDT

Joo Won And Jo Jung Suk Lead The Onslaught Of Halloween K-Movie Thrillers

BY Adrienne Stanley

Halloween is swiftly approaching and Korean film recognized the spooky holiday with an influx of bone-chilling thrillers. Leading the flurry of heart-pounding movies are Joo Won and Jo Jung Suk, who recently completed successful runs in top K-Dramas.

Joo Won follows the meteoric success of  his portrayal of a rogue doctor-for-hire in SBS' "Yong Pal" with "Fatal Intuition," a film which is also popularly known as "That Guy." 

He is Jang Woo, a protective brother who is tasked with caring for his sister Eun Ji (Ryoo Hye Young) after his parents die in a car accident. When Eun Ji goes missing, he begins a quest to find her kidnapper. 

"Fatal Intuition" opened on October 28 and is expected to be one of the top films of Autumn 2015. 

Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghost) kicked off the parade of thrilling crime flicks with "The Exclusive: Beat the Devil's Tattoo," which was released on October 22.

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He portrays Moo Hyuk, a journalist who is on the verge of being fired and is in the midst of an emotionally charged divorce. His fortune appears to change when he receives a note from a serial killer, which he believes will lead to an exclusive report. However, the lead does not pan out, but a witness to the crimes does appear. 

Jo is joined by Lee Ha Na (Unkind Ladies) and Lee Mi Sook (Blade Man). 

Seasoned film actor Son Hyun Joo (The Chronicles of Evil, Secretly Greatly) leads the cast of "The Phone." He portrays Ko Dong Ho, a widower whose life is turned upside down when his wife, Jo Yeon Soo (Uhm Ji Won) is murdered. 

"The Phone" is centered on a supernatural experience in which Dong Ho is able to communicate with his wife in an alternate realm where is has yet to be killed. He attempts to prevent her murder while clinging to his memories of their relationship. 

Another K-Movie that has the potential to enter the supernatural universe is the upcoming release, "The Priests." Kim Yun Seok is a priest who joins forces with a deacon to save a girl whose life is endangered. 

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