Oct 06, 2014 | 09:52 AM EDT

Park Hae Jin Rushed To The ER After Filming “Bad Guys”

BY Chin D

Actor Park Hye Jin, who is currently headlining the OCN drama "Bad Guys," was reportedly brought to the emergency room due to fatigue.

On October 4, actor Park Hae Jin was rushed to the emergency room at around 5AM to receive immediate treatment.

After he got home from filming the OCN drama "Bad Guys," the actor collapsed from fatigue, and was brought to a hospital situated in Gangnam by his manager.

According to a representative from his agency, "Park Hae Jin has been filming for six days straight without rest, since 'Bad Guys' follows the pre-production format."

They added, "Some of the cast members were also injured, making Park Hae Jin more determined to pull through despite his fatigue. The actor wanted to return on set, saying, 'It's not right for me to rest by myself just because I'm tired.'"

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Previously, Park Hae Jin was brought to the hospital, and was diagnosed with the swelling of lymph nodes dude to fatigue. Although he was advised to take a few days off to rest, the actor returned on set after leaving the hospital, and rested for just a short time.

In addition to Park Hae Jin, actor Kim Sang Joon also sustained neck injuries from filming, and actor Ma Song Suk suffered from leg injuries after filming some rigorous action scenes.

Showing that they were enduring despite being injured, the actors were reported to be joking about their situation, saying that they were 'bad guys with bad bodies'."

Through a representative, Kim Sang Joong expressed, "We won't know the reaction of the viewers until all the episodes are broadcasted, but we're grateful towards the positive reception that we're receiving so far."

Ma Dong Suk also said, "It's been a struggle getting injured, but I'm receiving great energy through the audience's response towards the drama."

OCN's "Bad Guys" aired its first episode on October 4, receiving over 2% viewership rating, making it rank first among dramas aired in the same timeslot.

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