Oct 07, 2014 | 08:16 AM EDT

Thousands Audition For The 'Tomorrow Cantabile' Orchestra

BY Chin D

KBS's upcoming drama "Tomorrow Cantabile" proves to be popular even among professional musicians, as it draws over one thousand applicants for the drama's in-house orchestra.

On October 3, the producers of "Tomorrow Cantabile" released behind-the-scenes photos of the orchestra who will be playing alongside the characters Cha Yoo Jin, who will be portrayed by actor Joo Won, and Seol Nae Il, who will be portrayed by actress Shim Eun Kyung.

It has been reported that the drama's production team held auditions for their orchestra to find musicians who will be able to create music for the drama, and professionals in the classical music industry led the proceedings.

Representatives shared that the audition was very popular among classical musicians, and unsurprisingly, over one thousand applicants went through the audition process.

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Most of those who were chosen were university students who were along the same ages as the characters to retain what was written in the original plot, where Nodame and Chiaki were university students, and for the actors to become comfortable around musicians of their age.

In addition, the production team hoped that these students will be able to share their experiences as aspiring musicians, and aid the actors in portraying the characters accurately.

According to musical director Lee Jong Jin, "The members of the orchestra who were chosen from the auditions were not only talented when it comes to music; they also have the charisma and charms to be able to stand on the same stage as the actors."

He added, "The cast are practicing and doing their best, and the drama will be able to make a connection with the viewers through its realistic and genuine story, as well as the members of the orchestra who are of the same age as the actors."

"Tomorrow Cantabile" will have its first broadcast on October 13, following the conclusion of "Discovery of Love."

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