Jul 01, 2015 | 11:44 AM EDT

K-Movie 'Northern Limit Line' Breaks Box Office Records

BY Julie Jones

The film "Northern Limit Line" has broken some box office records in Korea. According to the Korean Film Council, the film delivered the biggest opening admissions of any domestic film when it was shown on June 27. More than a million tickets were sold in the first four days of its release. That's not bad for a film that was eventually launched with the help of crowd funding.

"Northern Limit Line" tells the true story of the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, which took place in the summer of 2002. Six men serving in the South Korean military were killed during a raid by a North Korean guard ship. Eighteen men were seriously injured

The film focuses on the story of three soldiers who died, Captain Yoon Young Ha, played by Kim Moo Yeol, Sgt. Han Sang Gook, played by actor Jin Goo, and Cpl. Park Dong Hyuk, played by Lee Hyun Woo.

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The film's producers wanted to draw attention to this incident, which was for many overshadowed by celebrations for the World Cup. Although the skirmish was declared a victory for South Korea, the filmmakers wanted to further recognize the soldiers for their sacrifice. He also wanted to convey the irony of the brutal battle happening while his country was celebrating a soccer victory.

According to the Korean media outlet Chosun Ilbo, the enthusiastic response to his film surprised the film's director Kim Hak Soon.

"I was surprised to see the movie raise $30,000 in funding from supporters just a few days after we launched the crowd funding effort to produce it," said Kim. "And now I'm surprised again."

The film took seven years to make because of a shortage in investment dollars. Production fees ate up a larger-than-expected portion of the film's original budget. The film's producers turned to crowd funding, eventually amassing almost $2 million from over 7,000 contributors.

"I didn't expect the production fees to get so big. I was just determined to make this incident into a movie, feeling empathy for the bereaved families," said Kim Hak Soon at a press event for the film.

In an interview with the Korean media outlet E Today, each of the stars spoke about why they took a role in the film.

Kim Moo Yeol chose the film as his first after leaving his mandatory military service. After serving he understood the sacrifices made by soldiers.

"I wanted to do it as soon as I read the scenario," he said.

Jin Goo thought the incident deserved more recognition.

"It's a painful story to our country so I think more dearly of it," said Jin Goo. "I hope it reaches to many people and comforts those who need it."

Lee Hyun Woo was attracted to the script and his character.

With the cast winning praise for their acting efforts and the box office results exceeding expectation, it seems the film's director and stars made the right choice.

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