Sep 03, 2015 | 15:00 PM EDT

'Veteran' Is Coming To North America On September 18

BY Adrienne Stanley

The Korean summer blockbuster, "Veteran," will hit North American theaters on September 18. Since its domestic premiere on August 5, "Veteran" has grossed more than $74 million USD to date. Through hard-hitting social commentary that examines conglomerate heirs or chaebols, "Veteran" continues to fend off "Assassination" and "Beauty Inside," to maintain the number one spot in the Korean box office.

"Veteran" stars Hwang Jung Min as detective Seo Do Cheol, a tough-as-nails investigator known for his hardline on crime. The role serves as a follow-up to the meteoric success of his 2014 hit film, "Ode to My Father," which remains the second-highest-grossing film in the history of Korean cinema.

Do Cheol is renown for his ability to solve major crimes. After he brings down an international auto theft ring, he is introduced to JoTae Oh, the third-generation heir of the conglomerate, Sunjin Group.

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Yoo Ah In portrays Tae Oh, a young millionaire who possesses boundless power and the ability to escape from the clutches of law enforcement due to his endless resources. The seasoned detective suspects that Tae Oh is involved with drugs or some other form of criminal activity and attempts to investigate him.

Do Cheol relentlessly pursues Tae Oh even though the odds appear to be stacked against him.

Directed by Ryoo Seung Wan, whose extensive resume includes "The Berlin File" and "Rough Play," "Veteran" provides social commentary on corruption within conglomerate families and the constraints placed on Korean law enforcement.

"Veteran" marks a turning point in the film career of Yoo Ah In. The 28-year-old actor will follow the success of "Veteran" with his portrayal of Crown Prince Sado in the upcoming period flick, "Sado." Yoo is expected to begin his mandatory period of military service in 2015.

"Veteran" opens on September 18, in more than 40 select North American theaters in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago and Philadelphia. Information including showtimes and theaters can be found on the website for CJ Entertainment America.


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